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There are two things this site does not make, French toasts and profit from any of it's contents, and I'm not even sure about the former.

Well Shit

As, I'm moving from Jimdo to Tumblr, any new content will be posted/uploaded there, all the old stuff will still be available here, unless for some potato reason the page gets nuked and then, and only then will I move all the old uploads to my tumblr page.


See ya' on the new place.

[REL] Daren Armor Add-On


A small add-on for Room207's Daren Armor, requires the original files and you need to add it to the game yourself (lazy bum +1)


All credit goes to Room207.


Update: Since Room207 is such a nice person (unlike me), he took the time to make a esp. for this add-on, you can download it along with the add-on here.


[REL] Sentinel is exactly what you are thinking, it's the public of the original Sentinel mash-up...

It only took me ~4 years (lazy bum +1...) to make a public release...and it's pretty much the same it was 4 years ago (lazy bum +1...), no new meshes (lazy bum +1...), apart from a few new glow maps and overall optimization the textures are the same (lazy bum +1...) , and...that's it XD

Things to notice:

- It is an old mash-up.

- It's a ~7mb nif file (if you have a computer weaker than my 8 year old desktop, then expect heavy FPS drop).

- It has a few clipping issues.

- I really don't care about them tough.

- It could use some better normal maps.

- I'm not going to bother with them .

- I will not re-size this to body X or Y, you can "try" to do it with gerra6's converting tool, tough if my calculations are correct, the world should end in...oops...huh...I mean it will probably explode in your face in a very spectacular way.

- There will be a few add-ons to this time...maybe in another 4 years or so...

- The greatsword, Annihilator, is also included.

For those few who already had it, this one is less FPS hungry, might be of interest or not, for the rest...enjoy it.

No esp.




Or whatever is that you celebrate XD

Anyways...We all know Christmas is not all about gifts, in fact a whole rant about that would fit about 3 a4 sheets worth of paper, and that's the short version, but gifts are always nice, so...have some XD

I made a small  package with a few items:

- Armor: My Vilk's Plate Mash-up (example) with matching helmet

- Weapon: Dynamis (see the link above for a glimpse of it), a beautiful and very detailed great sword

- 2 wigs: Surprise!!...not going to tell which ones, you'll have to open the file and see for yourself XD, they also come in versions with the helmet from the mash-up mentioned before, but only come in blonde hair color (you'll have to recolor them yourself).

You'll have to add them to the game yourself



[UPDT] A Knight's Pride

Includes Park9's fixed meshes (once again thank you), the helmet was separated into a individual mesh (tough it currently only fits this armor unless you tweak it yourself), and by request an alt version was made were all the teal clothing was recolored to crimson.


Does not require the original


No esp.




And it's back!

Tough it actually never went anywhere, it was "just" a really messed up layout xD

Think it's ok now, it's all red/black/blue and cheesy, with a few green tones that I can't change, well I can but that's how (accidentally...*cough cough*...yeah sure) messed up everything in the first place, so...nope.



Dari had one of those "what happens if I touch here" moments and fucked shit up...everything is working, it's just the layout that exploded...


[REL] Elegant Rogue

Not much to say about it XD



No esp.







[REL] Duelist

You asked for it and here it is!


Comes in three versions, Steel, Silver and the blindness inducing old Silver version.


No esp.







[REL] Steam Pilot

Special mention to Chakaru11 and her Einstein's Rose outfit for pretty much every single acessory in this mash-up.


Googles not included, can be found in Chakaru11's wig mod along with wigs fitting for the Steampunk theme.


Hands are invisible in first person (issue with alpha property, if this bothers you just separate the gloves into a new nif file).


As usual, this is a resource, therefore no esp.






[REL] EW Mix

Includes alt version without the mask and shoulders


No esp.




A Knight's Pride - Unfinished

I'm sick and tired of looking at this armor in Blender trying to come with a way of fixing the shoulders distortion while keeping the shape as shown in the pic above; it means this armor would usually be "trash bin" material, if not for the interest people have shown in here it is, in all it's unfinished and buggy glory!




No esp, just meshes and textures.


Fixes by Park9 available in the comments



It came to my attention that Google Chrome tagged this site as having assured it doesn't.


[REL] Storm Rider - Scarlet Winter

Check the Armory section




Special thanks to sdobson and Cthulhu Worship for testing it.



After much raging and swearing, I fixed the shawl, to a point where (allow me to "boot" modesty trough the window for a few seconds") it even works better than the original for Skyrim...


[REL] Regular Knight & Imperial Scout

Check the armors section



Title says it all, had my hands on the whole outfit, but pants proved a challenge so for now only the upperbody is ready...not bad, considering the initial idea was just to get the shoulders and bracers for another outfit... 




Merry Christmas!!!!

Presents around here, somewhere...


Sovngarde's Plate Released

Check the armors section

58 Comments stuff!...which is not so random after all...

Revy's Journal


First Seed 17th 4E07


On the move again...seems that little "Werewolf" rumour I spread in order to keep this area free of Imperial and Bruma patrols backfired on me, a bounty for this "werewolf" was placed, fools from all over the place are gathering at Bruma, even Imperial soldiers which were supposed to have their hands full with all the suspersticious Dunmer that fleed from Vanderfell thanks to the Red Year are interested in joining the hunt, just my luck...patrols alone were troublesome, now with hunters, adventurers and all kinds of fools eagerly awaiting to die, tailing this supposed "werewolf"...I had to move from that area to avoid more unnecessary deaths...speaking of which...I had to kill two hunters this past night, they were lucky to or rather unlucky to have stumbled upon me...In any other case I would've just dissapeared, but they saw my face, a rather infamous face for these past three years...


...three years...has it been that long already?


For three years and around four months now I have been on the run, there is a huge bounty for my head, a bounty for a crime I didn't commit...Evening Star 19th of 4E03, the day I lost everything, including what I had closest to a father...


Damn...I can hear them again...


Before I forget...Happy Birthday to me, I'm 28 now.




Yeah...for those who followed bits of Revy's story (aka Requiem Chronicles) at TESA, it was pretty much redone, didn't like the path it was heading, so I rolled back let's say a few(a bunch of) "chapters" and started from there...this little piece of Revy's Journal, however, is not fom her story's "time"(from Rain's Hand of 4E02 to Last Seed of 4E03), could be called a sequel, no wait not the word I happens way after and is "imbuted" within the Elder Scrolls Lore and timeline... 


Please bare with my writing, English is not my main language and I can't really call myself a decent story teller


Revy's Biography soon...a decent one, not that pseudo biography I posted at TESA a year ago...



Need to wait...need a break

I've decided to retire from the Nexus Imageshare, for a while, at least until my brain goes back to it's "normal" state or some sort of inspiration appears... can check here, TesAdventures or deviantArt for the occasional update...



I know I promised (at least to some people) that some mash-ups would be uploaded this past week...what I ask is, please wait 'till my exams are over (18 July), texture redirecting is a slow and time consuming process...