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Revy's Journal


First Seed 17th 4E07


On the move again...seems that little "Werewolf" rumour I spread in order to keep this area free of Imperial and Bruma patrols backfired on me, a bounty for this "werewolf" was placed, fools from all over the place are gathering at Bruma, even Imperial soldiers which were supposed to have their hands full with all the suspersticious Dunmer that fleed from Vanderfell thanks to the Red Year are interested in joining the hunt, just my luck...patrols alone were troublesome, now with hunters, adventurers and all kinds of fools eagerly awaiting to die, tailing this supposed "werewolf"...I had to move from that area to avoid more unnecessary deaths...speaking of which...I had to kill two hunters this past night, they were lucky to or rather unlucky to have stumbled upon me...In any other case I would've just dissapeared, but they saw my face, a rather infamous face for these past three years...


...three years...has it been that long already?


For three years and around four months now I have been on the run, there is a huge bounty for my head, a bounty for a crime I didn't commit...Evening Star 19th of 4E03, the day I lost everything, including what I had closest to a father...


Damn...I can hear them again...


Before I forget...Happy Birthday to me, I'm 28 now.




Yeah...for those who followed bits of Revy's story (aka Requiem Chronicles) at TESA, it was pretty much redone, didn't like the path it was heading, so I rolled back let's say a few(a bunch of) "chapters" and started from there...this little piece of Revy's Journal, however, is not fom her story's "time"(from Rain's Hand of 4E02 to Last Seed of 4E03), could be called a sequel, no wait not the word I happens way after and is "imbuted" within the Elder Scrolls Lore and timeline... 


Please bare with my writing, English is not my main language and I can't really call myself a decent story teller


Revy's Biography soon...a decent one, not that pseudo biography I posted at TESA a year ago...


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    Sasha (Friday, 02 August 2013 14:55)

    Happy birthday Revy :)

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